as the congress and senate conduct these investigations, and as i watch it, there are just some points that i wish to clarify, or i wish they would clarify.

1. what are their goals for these investigations? is it to determine if they’re going to continue bbl(bangsamoro basic law)?
-i hope it is, for the senate and congress is no court, and they cannot judge anyone

2. why is it that when it comes to war, they are always bringing the issue of catholic vs muslims?
-this is not an issue of whether muslims are terrorists or if all terrorists are muslims, this is about a group of people asking for peace while loading guns behind their back, this about rebels vs the people/ the government

3. bangsamoro basic law
– i apologize for not researching enough about this, but the way these bbl people are saying “it’s the only way for peace in mindanao” makes me think.. are these rebels, the milf, hostaging mindanao’s peace for bbl? you are rebels you don’t get to make requests, so i guess it’s ransom for the peace, “give us bbl or all hell breaks loose” if you really want bbl? bring justice to this issue, get rid of the BIFF and then let’s talk about peace

4. nobody wants war?
-then why are you so afraid war will break loose if bbl won’t continue? what are these rebels here for? really? or is it really about religion? muslims doesn’t want to be under a government ruled by catholics? can’t they just follow the government? and make peace?

5. why aren’t we bringing the war to BIFF? we know where their territory is, we have a council to tell the MILF if we’re going to execute something offensive vs these terrorists? then why can’t we bring war to them? or is MILF and BIFF still have ties with each other

6. people of maguindano or basilan, or any terrorist territory doesn’t want war? ok.. then go somewhere safe, go to an army camp so the government can finally do something, these terrorists, biff, are using you as shields

7. the president and purisima are lovers, guys.. they will cover each other to the end, so goodluck on investigating whose responsible for the go signal, let us just focus on what to do next, will we continue BBL or not

you cannot expect the milf to bring justice in this issue; by confessing they do made some over killing, are you expecting them to execute their own brothers? no they won’t, nor they will surrender them and let us do the execution, trial or something

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Raising Awareness vs. Ranting

Di nyo kasi naiintindihan eh..

Ang isang idea, hindi mabubuhay kung walang magsisimula, di susuportahan ng mga taong may kapangyarihan (senador, congressman) kung wala sila nakikitang mga botante na nakaback-up sakanila.. at once naging aware na ang mga tao sa isang idea.. di na mapapatay yung idea

Importante bumoto, kahit sabihin nating boto lang habol ng senador sa pagsupport sa idea nyo? at least may execution na nangyari

may kapangyarihan ang sistema gamitin ng tama

Di mo kailangan maging scholar, manood ka lang ng v for vendetta matututunan mo ‘to

That’s raising awareness!

Well about ranting, you can google it, pero basically ito yung pag-rereklamo ng walang rason at may galit..

Salamat and once again..

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Think About It

The fact that people around the world interprets the holy book differently, (the bible, the quran, mormon bible, Hindu texts, and everything in between since everything came from the same origin and share similar stories) shows how irrelevant the book is

How come one religion interprets it violently, while the other disregard some parts? how come one is a fake god(ex. Horus) and the other is true, when they told the same story? it just doesn’t make sense

I mean, if i were to write a book, and wants my readers to see it as guide to a peaceful life, i’d write how it should lead them to a peaceful life plain and simple, i will not write a book for intelligent people, a book that needs several scholars to interpret, if i want scholars to interpret what i write? i’ll write a thesis, or heck i’ll invent my own language and let them translate it, one reason for writing something is to leave something behind, a legacy or, to immortalize oneself, so why create something that needs scholars to explain? it doesn’t add up, and how are these scholars became scholars anyway? you read one book and now you’re an expert? scientist had to read and study hundreds of books, and research and sometimes it’s still not enough

People keep on talking about morals when the things they do for these morals that they fight for, are the very things that breaks the morals they’re fighting for, how about wars that killed thousands of people for not sharing the same god? if you still didn’t know, the two most popular religion today are the ones with history on killing thousands of people, heck one is still doing it.. i’m not preaching, i’m not telling you to renounce right now, but how about thinking for starters

Sometimes we choose to ignore what we don’t understand, and put the things we understand on top (ex. fear of going to hell, actually if you believe that, you’re not understanding well too), hoping that eventually everything will fall into place, what the fuck are you thinking? really?!


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Why We Don’t Need Senators


Yes, I purposely put senator “sottocopy” in this post, because in my opinion he’s #1, number 1 senator that we don’t need, and if this post is libelous to him? i’ll be happy to go to jail if and only if, our judiciary system put those plundering senators to jail first. (revilla, enrile, estrada and many others)

And yes, this post isn’t just for senators, this message is for the congressmen as well, it just happened that in my opinion the senators must go first, so here we go!

1. Our government has too many levels in creating laws, example.. if someone in congress propose a law? the congress has to review it for some weeks, or months, then after everyone in it concludes that “hey, it’s possible, it’s ok”, they will past it to the senate, now these senators will then review it again, which consumes more time, and did i mention that in these reviews the “insert process” begins? insert meaning, a congressman or a senator will insert some set of paragraphs that will change the law, or make it “better”. then after that, they will or will not pass it to the president, where in the president can approve or disapprove it, long way to go right? then they’ll say they have to run on the next term cause the their time is not enough to serve the country.. WTF?? you’re wasting your time debating about which law could make your life easier! and making your wallet bigger! serving? big word! and of course in that “insert process” sottocopy allegedly inserted the cybercrime online libel, which the court ruled as legal! 1 point for sottocopy, i told you he was here on purpose

2. These senators are not monitored, unlike our congressmen, our congressmen needs to at least work their way up from mayoral position.. these senators are popularly voted, most of them are just former senator’s sons and/or daughters, actors, sports legend, EDSA heroes, a dragon and of course professional thieves, do I have to explain which is which? i think you already know. Congressmen needs to at least make appearances in their areas, build projects and of course propose laws, senators don’t, they just have to act on national TV that they have opinions, and pretend that they matter, while their dragon colleague plays candy crush, wow! If you’re going to ask a normal citizen, let’s say a cigarette vendor, what does senator (insert name here) do for you? he’ll answer you like this “uhmm… he’s on a noon time show.. giving money?” 2 points!!

3.  Blue ribbon committee, ok i salute you guys for investigating these pdaf senators, but honestly? have you convicted anyone? anyone? nope? none? zero? president estrada? nope, gloria macapagal arroyo? nope, mar “mam napoles” roxas? nope, wow you’re really good at investigating huh? but sadly only at investigating, yes you opened our eyes, but can we jail those guys? nope! you guys can, that’s why we voted you on that position, and what’s funny about one senator, he can’t even send hyden kho to jail, who revoke hyden’s medical license? not him! because senators can’t do that.

4. These senators make everything complicated, with this multiparty system we have? You don’t even want to know which party a senator belongs to, almost every year they’re on a different party, or should i say every election period? so you don’t even know what each senator fights for, or what he / she stands for. One senator is most laughable, last year he’s pro-life, fighting RH-bill now he’s pro-death! wanting to revive death penalty! really? you’re better of as a comedian, we like you better there. 3 points!!

5. We’re on the verge of charter-change, and i hope the congress continue this, until they change our government system to parliamentary, for now they’re planning to change the business ownership for foreign investors, as some call it open economy, but that is another topic, what i like to talk about is the change in government system, to parliamentary, where in we just have to vote for our representative, then these representatives will vote for a prime minister, the good part starts there, when the prime minister is failing to do his job, he can be kick out of his position, with just voting, isn’t that great? plus they only have 2 parties, in which in these party, everyone is competitor for prime minister position, so they can’t screw up.. well that’s a short introduction, do your own “googling” / research.


I’m not saying every senator is corrupt, or not doing anything, there are still a few.. I mean just a few who are decent, and for these good senators, please get a position in congress, or get your own area, cause when we change our government system, there’s no more room for senators.

I know there are more reasons, but these 5 are what i can think about now, you can add more in the comments below.


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Kudos to these single women

Kudos to these women, those single mothers, those heartbroken girls, those strong women, who has more solid spines than those men that cause so much pain in their lives.

In my 25 years on this earth, and as guy who grew up with two sisters, of course I had a brother, I grew up with the values of respecting women, you can say i’m a feminist, I’m not boasting or anything, but girls find me very friendly, of course this trait cines with a curse, as they find me to friendly to like me.. but anyways! That is not the point here, my point is that in my life.. I have encountered or met atleast every kind of girl, the “player”, the “scared to love”, the “I will love anyone” and of course my favorite one, I mean I love to observe thise one, the “basketeer” etc.. etc.. it’s a very long list.. and maybe I’ll write about it some other day.

What I like to write about now are those single moms, yes I’ve met a lot of them too.. and what I admire about them is their strong spirits, their will, their solid spines, their decision to take care of their offspring on their own, some people will say.. “yeah that’s not a big deal, of course they have their parents to back them up”, well that’s not the point here, that’s given, but emotional and mental strain of bringing up a child without the support of a partner is really really heavy, but for some reason these single moms endure it, maybe it’s in the personality, or maybe they’ve matured well when they’re in pregnancy, I have seen some single moms who’s still clinging to their partners even if they’re being abused or cheat on, or sometimes they even say they don’t love the guy anymore.. what the fuck is that about? The only reason they give is “it’s for the baby” in the first place, If that guy starts to cheat on you? How can you expect he’ll be a good father figure? If you don’t love him anymore? How will it be a good family environment? You’ll pretend to the end? That’s how you want it to be?

This goes the same way with the “I can’t live without him” type of girls, sorry for the bad naming, but as obvious as it sounds, these girls are those who are trap in their make believe happy ending story.. they’re together for 4-5 years, then this guy starts to cheat on them, over and over and over, now this girl still think that his guy will eventually change the moment he realize how long they have been together. NO! They won’t! In the first place if they cherish all those years thet won’t cheat on you right? The more chances you gave them the more they abuse.. and the worst part is, these same type of girls evolve into something new, the “players” but that’s another topic to discuss.

So back to these single moms, I would just like to say that I really-really admire you girls for saying no to these irresponsible fathers of your child, I know that it’s hard to raise a child without the helo of a partner, but you still do it. I’m not saying all guys are irresponsible but you wouldn’t be a single mom if they are responsible right?

And for those who can say no to their cheating long time boyfriends, congratulations! You just made one big step to moving on, and finding the right man for you.

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Anti Bullying Act??

Anti bullying act huh? that’s like teaching a child how to be a coward? how not to face his fears, how to be comfortable in his personal safe place.

So how do we define bullying? i mean where will we draw that fine line? teasing? playing around? joking and stuff? how will you judge a child’s action and call it bullying? base on personal experience, there’s no such thing, these are just challenges, challenges that we need to face, plus bullying will stop eventually, those bullies will grow out of it.

Sure you will get teased, someone will say something bad about you, spread gossips about you, your lunch money will be taken from you, but isn’t this something that we face everyday? the government takes away not just our lunch money, the corrupt officials took away our tax fund? the money that the government took away? and we are tolerating that, it’s been this way ever since, it’s survival of the fittest! well in our case survival of the smartest

In this society, bullying at school is just the first level, there’s college professors, thesis panelists.. no i’m not over exaggerating, isn’t it bullying when a terror professor tried to humiliate you? is it not bullying when it’s a teacher-student relation? how about your boss? your temper pushing boss! that’s bullying but did we ask for an anti-bullying in the office? in college? No! because we’re mature enough!

As I have said these bullies, i know some personally, will outgrow that attitude, i even see former bullies who are now best friends with the person they’re bullying, and if these bullies don’t stop being bullies by high school or college? they will turn out to be jerks, and will not live a happy life, and when they grow older.. well we have a working law for criminals, if they will keep on harassing you at this point of their life, and it’s impossible to tolerate, i bet you can find a law that they are violating, but i don’t think a person being bullied will wait that long before getting out of that bullying, he needs to know how to cope with it too, or he will be a loser for the rest of his life

What i’m trying to say is, these school bullies prepares us for the harder part of life, you will always face a bigger and tougher bully, you have to learn how to fight them, tolerate, and be mature enough to tell yourself that “no, these bullies won’t hurt me, i’m better than them”

If you can’t handle a bully, then maybe you need to go back to school and have a little more training, bullying can only be handled by maturity, and if schools really want to help? maybe they should educate their students more, teach them how to be friendlier, how to respect their classmates, and if that can’t cure the problem, let’s go to the parents, maybe the problem is inside their household.. as for my final say on this issue.. If we’re gonna pamper our youth that much, then what will this country become when it’s their time to lead? 

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Warm Bodies and Me

it’s exactly 4:10 in the morning and i just finished watching Warm Bodies, at first i was a little skeptical about this movie because i’m a zombie movie fanatic, and the concept / plot of this movie sounds really crazy, (SPOILER ALERT)  it’s about this zombie guy named “r” . yes it’s just r, he’s just an ordinary zombie, walk-kill-eat kind of zombie, until he asks for more, what a zombie gonna do anyway if the human race get’s almost extinct? so he tried to dream, he wished he could dream, he then starts imagining things, what was he like when he’s still alive? what was his place look like? until one day he met Julie, who made his heart beat again’ he saved her and made trust him, leading to a zombie-human lovestory, isn’t the plot crazy? in the end everyone else felt the contagious  love, curing everyone else, in short a happy ending.

Now what does it have to do with me? well i just realized how “R” and I are alike? maybe i’m just imagining things, but i’m gonna write about it anyways.. here’s the thing.. the zombie here are almost living for hundreds of years, they haven’t felt real love since they turned. Humans just wants to kill them eversince,  well i’ve been single for about 5 or 6 years! wow! it’s not that i haven’t felt love for that long.. not close to hundreds of years, but in those years i haven’t felt the feeling of being loved.. just like the zombies.. they forget how to be human when they stopped feeling the most powerful emotion of humanity, that is love.. so in my opinion they just drowned out this emptiness by eating human brains and getting their memories.. in human term or real life.. remember that feeling of wanting to eat when your sad, see the resemblance? i’m no love expert, but i’ve seen it happen, we’ve all been there.. i’m just worried that i would lose or forget that feeling too.. i wish that, like R, i will meet my Julie too, someone who would remind me  how the feeling of being love is, everyone wants they’re own Julie right? even though R forgot everything else, Julie still trusted him, believe in him that he could change.. in the end the zombies just needed some love and they will turn back to normal again

it’s 4:50 in the morning and i think this all for now, i’m typing this on a tablet so no fancy pictures or format, i’ll edit it next time, thank you for reading..

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